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Monday, September 23, 2013

What I Ate Today (yesterday)

Breakfast, please come 
more often. I miss your 
light love in the mornings, 
because it reminds me of
sunrises and whitewashes 

I ate an all consuming 
omelet and bacon, having
within it morsels of tomatoes, 
peppers, onions, and that 
love of mine known as 

Lunch was combination 
of the above, later
satisfied by a fruit snack
or two and a lovely glass of

Dinner caught me by surprise,
as my stomach announced 
unexpectedly that it was mad.
I cooked two eggs, the first
failing to melt on toast, with
lovely garlic goat cheese atop.

Later, my stomach protested still, 
and so after calling in reinforcements
we made bow-ties with vodka sauce.
I was quite content until ten, when I 
ate the leftover chips, and then proceeded
to brush my teeth and dream about
what I would eat today.

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