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Just So You Can Impress Me...

Queen of Keys
Just so you can impress me, here are some of my favorite things...

And all things magical
Books, and other adventures
but no Horror, unless your willing to give up your hand and shoulder...
and the next night's sleep
And all sauces, toppings, and seasonings,
except meatballs. No sir.

I love to talk, late early, about anything, especially life.
Yeah, let's talk about life. 

My dogs, (no favoritism, oh no),
Moses & Kaleb,
and my dad's '67 Peugeot Convertible

Old, new, anything but that song that's played 700 times a day. 
But yeah, I dig most tunes.

Pine Tree...Pine Tree...

And you might not have guessed, but I like writing, because 

I couldn't 

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