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Friday, January 16, 2015

Best Friends

Being best friends is less of a relationship type, and more a state of being.  It signifies "I am comfortable with you; you are comfortable with me, and in this we can be anything we want besides that, and remain, for as long as we are best friends, comfortable."

Thursday, January 15, 2015



Weird City

To The Weird City,
I'm sorry I can't be with you
Till I'm older and wiser and free
There's not time limit say, on the days I'm away
But someday, soon there I'll be

I dream about you daily
and the adventures I'll have on your streets
the places I'll go, the tan I'll show
the people I can't wait to meet

How is so hard to make it
living so far from the coast
but where my family is though, complaining of snow
"It's 80 degrees here!" I'll boast

I'm sorry I need more money
to make my dreams come true
I'm sorry I'm not perfect
but then again neither are you

I'm sorry I have not found you yet
My perfect home in the West
My Norther style of living
will put all I know to the test

I'll wait forever for skyscrapers
For the music the food and the sun
The dry heat for days, the easy-living ways
The city that fuels my fun

I'm sorry I haven't visited
I promise I will someday
But instead of for awhile
I'll say with a smile
"Austin I'm here to stay"