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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Five Pet Peeves

Five pet peeves. I supposed a pet peeve is something someone else does that just gets under your skin. My pet peeves tend to be somewhat inexplicable, I think, in the sense that I can't explain why I don't like them, I just don't. 

I think the biggest thing anyone can ever do to bug me is not listen to me. My mom does it, all the time, and sooner or later I feel like I will just stop telling her things altogether. Not listening to me means I'm not important enough or what I'm saying has little value, so why am I talking? I don't like the sound of my own voice that much. I don't feel loved when I'm not listened to, and everyone likes feeling loved. So in a roundabout way, if you don't listen to me, you might not love me or respect me that much. In which case, we shouldn't talk anymore. End of story.

Another thing that irks me, but is much less controllable, is snoring. I've been told I don't do it, I've been told I do, but when the lump next to me is singing the song of the freight train, my sleep deprivation grows as my patience diminishes. You could be my night in shining armor, but if you snore we're going to have a different problem. It's not even so much the heavy breathers, but the inconsistent drum roll up someone's nose. 

Similar to snoring but much less pleasant is sniveling. Yes, I mean both the synonym to sucking up as well as the announcement that you have snot in your nostrils. I don't need to know as much as you don't need it in your body. A tissue, a hankie, even a sleeve will do at the worst of times, but please, don't sneeze it out on me. 

So I am a romantic, it's a well known fact. I will never ask you to be a romantic, nor will I try and force my beliefs upon you. But I believe that a budding romance comes to a point where, if nothing has been done till then, action must be taken. Don't stand back in the shadows, FIGHT FOR HIM. Tell him, kiss him, just for heavens sake come out with the fact. It never did anyone any good to torture poor fools in love, so make it known. At least then the giant pink elephant in the room can be acknowledged. 

A great pet peeve of mine is touchy people with simple minds. The ones who use names so outdated they come off offensive, or their tone condescends so much you could slide down it like a ski slope. No one asked you for your medical diagnoses, or who someone can love in this world. Go back to your cave with your paisley curtains and monogrammed everything. I never asked you for your starch opinion. 

Some of these are harsh, I know. And I know I definitely have more, however many they may be. But I feel like I'm a tolerant person who tries to respect people; and except for maybe the snoring, I come across and ignore these pet peeves every day. I just have to pick my battles, you know? 

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