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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Five Ways to Win My Heart

Dear Present Day Romeo,
If only I knew how to win my own heart, I could tell you, and then maybe I would have a slightly more rom-com love life. If only. I don't honestly think I know five ways I could win my own heart, but if I were you, here's what I would try;
5. Please hold my hand. Please kiss me when I least expect it, and hug me when I need it most. Please squeeze my shoulder when I'm having a bad day, and give me a fist bump when everything goes my way. Please touch knees with me under the table at dinner, and brush by me on your way somewhere new. Please let me know you're there, and touch me.
4. Please humor me. When I have that hunch that I forgot something, remind me that I probably did. When I ask to build that pillow fort, or want to tell ghost stories, please play along and climb in and get scared. When I want to wake up early and stay up late, when I want to go places that seem hard or tedious, when I want to be part of everything else, let me. Let me be myself, and in turn I will love all of your quirks that make you who you are.
3. Please love food. Please love waking up early or staying up late and making fabulous concoctions or simple treats. Please enjoy the sweet and savory, the rich and hearty, the light and fantastic. I want to sit down across from you and know you love eating and talking with me as much as I do, if not more. Please love cooking and eating with me. Please never leave your tastebuds lonely.
2. Please make me cry. Make me laugh so hard tears run down my face until my nostrils flare and I can't breath anymore. Please make me giggle until my face turns pink and I become hot and nervous. Please make me laugh, but let me, in return, do the same for you. Let me make you laugh.
1. Please let me know you still know me. Don't forget who I am, don't forget what I need and what I want. Don't forget what makes me original and sarcastic and fun to be around. Don't forget to let me be my own person, with or without anyone supporting me. Remind me that I am beautiful, and that you love me for who I am. Boost me when I am down, praise me when I am up, bring me down when my ego gets too high. Please tease me. But let me be my own somebody in a world of everyone elses, and in turn, I will do the same. But remember to love me. Always love me.

Do you know me now Romeo? Do you think you can win my heart? Try Romeo, and accept the challenge; I've already told you how I think it can be done, but add your own twist, and see how far I might fall.

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