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Monday, April 27, 2015

Discovery, A Rough Draft (A People Poem)

The thought of losing you terrifies me
You see, for we are friends
We are in that precarious stage of growth
where I know so little of you, and you of me
and yet I feel that there are few things more worth my time
than to discover you

You my friend, are a fledgling who seems to want to take on the world too soon
You feel you are ready only because others have told you so
not because you have been taught how to fly
Try, my friend, but if you do not succeed know you have a place to land
within me

I wish you well, as you learn and grow and discover the laughter of others
I will miss when you try and discover it in me
Because it was always worth seeing your surprise
to know I gave up willingly

The thought of drifting away scares me
but I can only hope you will extend to me
some contact for which I have no skill yet
Some form of communication that will diminish doubt
If only to know that once, you were terrified of losing me too

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