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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five Guys I Find Attractive

I honestly don't know who to pick. Not because I don't think any guys are attractive, but because when I think guys are attractive it is then and there in that moment that I want to bang their brains out. But does it have to be sexually attractive? Can't I want them for their brains, or smile, or sense of humor? I'm just going to go with the list of people I could consider loving, deciding this by how lucky and happy I would feel waking up in the morning and seeing them next to me (I know it's cheesy, but think about it, what's a better deciding factor than relying on your guilty conscience).

(I'm debating on putting names up, because on the one hand, I want you to know exactly who it is, but at the same time if any of them ever saw this I'd be a goner)

(this attraction is the one exception, and I would prefer not to wake up next to him in the morning)
This is the story of boy meets girl, and boy and girl have a whirlwind romance. But be forewarned, this story is not a love story; it is not a love story because boy doesn't love girl and girl only lusts after boy, because at that time it is the only thing girl knows how to do. So boy uses girl and girl follows along, and before you know it girl is hooked on a ship that wont stop sinking. Eventually she is saved and surfaces with a new outlook on life, one she picked up from being on rock bottom, and an acceptance for the fact that not everything in love is what it seems. She knows now the difference between love and lust and will feel forever guilty of thinking of these moments again, but can't help the fact that she will forever find his deadly charms attractive, no matter how much pain they caused her. Such is her fatal flaw.

There was this one kid, in middle school and high school, who drove me absolutely crazy. He was what kept me going all summer long, in the sense that there was no one else around but him, the only flower among weeds. But oh did he have thorns. He was pretentious and obnoxious and so incredibly cocky sometimes I wondered why his head didn't just explode he was so full of ego. But I think his (overly) confident attitude is what drove me to like him; he would never let anyone tell him what to do, and he never took life seriously. And man, he had the greatest smile and hair, damn. He refused to call me Kings, in fact he always always called me Kingsley Floyd (he struggled with the middle names), but he did it, I think, to tease me, because it was such an easy thing to tease me about. He will be forever associated in my mind with the cocky, tall, and egotistical handsome pictures that I see in other guys.

So then we have the skater boy. He was also in high school, but a bit later on, and I started to like him purely for the fact that he was a mystery. He was in one of my English classes, and he wrote like a man with an air that he knew stories the world had never heard before. He had hair that fell over his face and bright eyes that could see right through you. I have a feeling he never saw me though. He was too popular, with his skateboard propped against the wall and his chin resting in his hands, staring into the space that creative writing provided. My heart stopped every time he even glanced in my vicinity, and i quickly looked away. But I got the feeling he would have never known unless I hadn't told him, and even then it didn't make much difference, but it was that puzzling mystery about the whole situation that made me finding him even more attractive. 

Next up is the dreamer; "the what if, one day, you and I got together, I know we could make it work." I have honestly no idea if I could ever love him romantically again, I only know that I did once but I will never know if those feelings were mutual. What I mean when I say we could make it work is that we could love each other and sleep together and wake up in the morning still friends and still reminiscing of the night before and not feel anything but the thrill that it will happen again. He is sexy and attractive and I feel like I could tell him anything, but the tenderness that could go along with all those things might never appear between us. I don't think we could ever be in love, just mutual respect and acceptance. He will always be mine, he just might never belong to me.

Finally, there's you. I want to marry you: I want to watch you wake up in the morning, and as you read yourself to sleep at night, I want to know you're there. I swear on nothing but the truth that you are the one I have always loved, the one that I picture myself with in ten, fifteen, twenty years time; as long as it happens someday, I will wait till then. You are frustrating and annoying and you drive me to nothing but madness, and I think that is part of the reason I can never be mad at you. I know nothing in my soul but love and forgiveness of you. You surprise me everyday and for that I can only be grateful that I am never bored with you. I like to say your name; I like it when you say mine. But there is nothing I like more than seeing your face every time I have given up hope because I know at that moment you love me, and probably always will.

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  1. Try starting your prompts out without addressing the prompt? Love the boy meets girl paragraph. Very effective. The middle school and high school kid paragraph is a bit cliche. Solid, solid, solid. Last paragraph is my personal favorite. Big heart. I think this is one of those prompts that can be elaborated on and edited and added to and revised. Make it beautiful. Make it attractive in every aspect.