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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bullet Your Whole Day

So here's how today went:

-First, I woke up. All I wanted was cute puppies and chocolate and wine, because guess what guys, I found out in the most painful way, that I'm not pregnant...again. Thanks, but next time put a note in my underwear drawer or something.
So Lilly helped me up, and I brushed my teeth and got dressed in this really cute outfit, and it was great start to my day. Then we went to the bakery and I got a southwest sandwich on a jalapeƱos cheddar bagel, and it was delicious.

-Then I came back to the apartment and Kate told me she and Reilly broke up. Shocker. Look, I like them both, but I called that. So I listened and comforted and consoled until she left, whereas then I finished my Jackie Robinson movie and convinced myself I then had to try, and go to class.
-Italian is beautiful. I love it. My teacher is funny, the class is less busywork and more language conception, and I love that. I do not love the creeper that sits three down from me. Sufficient to say he's on my "top 10 suspects if I suddenly evaporate" list.

-After class, I came back my room and heard more about Reilly. But Kate had class, AND LILLY SHOWED UP TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING. It's a really well kept secret, so don't tell, but I LOVE grocery shopping. It's like going into the place that sells your passion and being surrounded by love and cucumbers, every time. There's very little that will change, but so many outcomes.

-We then bought $115 dollars worth of pasta, cheese and baking supplies to make pancakes and love, and proceeded to the grille to swipe for a sushi roll. It was definitely yummy.

-In the interim between when Lilly left and came back, I read my book, talked with Kate and her friends, did homework and watched TV. Then Lilly returned and we took a shower with my new shampoo that smells like sexy men in a citrus garden. Sufficient to say Lilly thought I was crazy for buying men's shampoo, and I just wanted to smell nice. After that, I watched half a movie with Adam and Kate, and proceeded to fall asleep sitting up before going to bed at 12.

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