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Thursday, November 14, 2013


I imagine myself spinning
turning faster and faster
trying to keep up with the world around me
so fast, it might seem as if time has stopped
because that's all I want
I want time to stand still because I've spun so fast
I've achieved some kind of equilibrium,
that was never thought possible
But we are never still
in reality we are going so fast we don't even notice
and so I imagine myself standing still
dizzy and swaying from the weight of all that
pressure in trying to stop the world
and when my eyes come back into focus
all I want to see is you
because I tried to stop time for you

But I can’t
I can’t see you or hear you or breath you in
because that time I had tried to hold onto
spun out of control
and before I knew what had happened all
that time was gone
and I was left trying to hold onto something
I never could control
and that is time and that is you because
you are one and the same and now
and I am out of time
I still couldn't keep it for you

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