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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tech Troubles

I need a distraction
from the fact my friend won't focus on my face
But instead on their phones
Because I feel lonely in a world where
people hold bricks to their eyes and ears to block out others
My coffee grows cold in my hand as I try to have a conversation
Offering someone condolences on a bad day
But what do you need me for
You have Twitter
140 characters who can act better than me
Because I can't feign acceptance of the technology that takes over our lives
I want a real piece of art
A relationship not deluded by pixels and pieced together letters with no vowels
Because you can't think of real words to say to me
That's what I said, omg
I want a relationship to work because we can work on ourselves face to face
Not with a Skype icon in the middle
I'm a lets talk about life kind of woman
Who only uses iMessage to send a message saying lets get together
So that I can see the emotions as you talk and not the emoticons as you text
I don't live in a sims game, I don't need virtual people in my life
And yes I'm guilty
I do it too
But that's because I don't know what else to do
as you stare between the clear and blue blurbs on your phone
Waiting for you to make plans with someone else so you can meet up with them too
And text me saying lets do it again soon
What is the upper hand of the uninterested
What do we get from showing so little concern when it comes to clear communication and a respect of someone's time
So next time you pull out your phone as we talk
And I ask you what's up and you say oh, I just gotta send this message
Well you better check the time as well
Because I pronounce time of death on this relationship
But no worries right?

You can ask Siri for advice

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