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Monday, November 10, 2014

For a Friend in Need of a Poem About Love -a first draft

There is nothing so frustrating as to be in love.
Nothing so painful, so slow, so tempting.
There is no such substance as is love that can make someone feel so daunted,
so somber of their life and surroundings
doubtful of who they are and what they represent
to other people.

Love is not about you, though
love is not about who you think you are
or who you want to be
Love is what makes you different from other people
love is the catalyst you pour into a mix to make all the flavors unique
love is so selfish as to make you think it is about you and yet so invigorating to find out that it is not

Love my dear, is not something you can hold in your hand and release
It is not something you can control or contrive
Darling, it's not on a timer but it doesn't last forever either
Not unless you realize, it's not about you

It's not about you and it's not about them
Love, you see so blindly
It's an uncontrollable force with a mind of its own
And while you should not join the circus,
a ringmaster can reduce a lion so it looks to purr
but in it's heart, it knows where it belongs

You may control it as well as a forest fire
You may tame it as well as the sea
you may follow it where it leads you
But only you can set yourself free

Love dear, is about not knowing what love is, but chasing it anyways.

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