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Monday, October 21, 2013

Gemini Baby

I love the month of June. It is, without a doubt, the best month to have a birthday. It is six months away from Christmas both ways, the temperatures are warm but not too warm, and there is that smell in the air that no one can mistake for anything but a sign that summer is coming. So I am perfectly happy to be a Gemini baby, and yet sometimes, I'm not.

I should start of with the fact that I believe in some parts of the zodiac. I believe that there are some trends in personality depending on when you were born, what planets were in power and when you parents were down to get dirty nine months before; however, the zodiac is a bit too eerily specific for me, and that I think is the reason I don't trust it.

For example, Gemini's are supposed to be talkative. If you know me, there was never a truer word spoken about my personality/character type. But then it gets more specific; multiple sites say I like to talk because it furthers my relationships and need for information...don't most people want to do that, Gemini or not? Don't get me wrong, I know people who would rather glue their mouths shut if they had to talk as much as I do, but i'm pretty sure they still want to further their relationships with some of the people they know, and gather more information about...anything.

So zodiac websites generalize. We knew some of it had to be fluff. But what if some of it isn't, and they really know my in's and out's. To name a few freaky coincidences, I think of myself as fickle, restless, with an unsatisfying lack of follow-through and generally nervous and flighty. I think I am incredibly adaptable and quick-thinking but also impulsive and indesicive. I don't know if I actually am all of these things, but I have been told I portray these qualities at least once and I fear I am a combination of all of them.

Something I know is that I judge people by the way they treat me, and not by how they act around others or looking at their deeper qualities. I never like being bored or having too much down time, and I never like anyone but my closes friends and relatives to know I am stressed or moody. I always want to be happy...But who doesn't?

The last thing I will mention is this paragraph from the second link below. I haven't dated in awhile so I don't know if this is still true, but from what I have experienced in my history, it rang true before.

What it's like to date a Gemini Woman:

The Gemini woman is truly enchanting. However, dating her might feel more like a friendship then a real relationship due to her casual nature. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, for the casual man who shy's away from overly romantic emotions, she is the perfect woman. Since she is the astrology sign of the duality, she offers quite the challenge. One one hand, she needs to be nurtured, loved and catered to and on the other hand, she needs stimulation and novelty. She is very demanding and if you do not provide what she wants, she will be off onto the next adventure pretty quickly. To keep her interested is a challenge, not completely impossible so she is the perfect woman for the man who likes stimulation and a challenge. She needs a partner with a quick mind, she tends to poke and prod at the emotions and the minds of those who are mentally slower then her, make sure you can keep up to her wit or you will briskly be left behind. She is prone to keeping men on a string, not completely heartlessly, she is evaluating if the man is worth her attention and her time she has no time to waste with a dull man. Once you have her approval, she can easily become jealous. The reason for her is jealousy is that if she is going to open up to a man, when she rarely completely opens up to anyone, she does not want to risk her being deceived or hurt. If you are with a Gemini woman and she becomes jealous, you are on the right track to true love! Gemini women are so exciting that they are worth the effort, you will remember her forever!

How To Attract Gemini:

Love to talk, that is the first rule about impressing a Gemini. Be knowledgeable about that you talk about too because Gemini are intelligent and have lots of knowledge about many things. If you are an expert on a certain topic, teach them about it, you will impress them because this know-it-all sign is does not usually know fine details about a lot of things, they are too busy to bother to learn. Speak your mind, engage them in a friendly debate but never be too conservative, they find this dull. Be honest and loyal to a Gemini, once they have had their trust broken they usually will never get it back again. Gemini are easy to date, they will do any activity anywhere. Just have fun, like you would with a friends because that's what Gemini are, a great friend.

Is it too vague? Too specific? Does it fit you, whatever your zodiac sign? Let me know, I'd love to find out how I embody a Gemini Baby.

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  1. I never believe in the zodiac either, yet somehow it always does seem to get something right! Especially in your case. You presented the information in a great way. I like how you related yourself through examples to prove that even though you might be hesitant, the zodiac gets some things right about you! The part about dating a gemini and what it like to date a gemini are really interesting! I feel like majority of what was written describes you really well!
    Now, i'm gonna go look at my horoscope! :P